Sometimes referred to as “imitation engraving“, thermography produces an effect similar to engraving in that it can be felt on the surface of the paper.

However, it uses heat to create the letters and design rather than an engraved plate, so it is less expensive than engraving and generally faster.

While it doesn’t boast quite the kudos of engraved stationery, thermography still delivers a high-end and upmarket finish for distinguished personal and business stationery.

The printing process using thermography breaks down as follows:

  1. Thermography uses a resinous powder which is added to the printing ink.
  2. The expert printing professional then applies heat to the combined mixture and creates the specific design.
  3. This process of heating and drying the resinous powder and the printing ink results in a slightly raised effect on the paper – not dissimilar to the result of engraving.

Speed of delivery and price make thermography a natural choice for short-run business applications including business cards, marketing materials, announcements, programs, menu cards, invitations and envelopes.

On the personal side, thermography is also a popular choice for informal stationery, greeting cards, note cards, and invitations.

It offers a good trade-off between price and results for those who want to make an impression similar to that of engraving. It must be noted, however, that the two are not the same and without the engraving plate, lettering and designs printed in thermography lack some of the sharp definition, subtle degree of detail, and rich luster of engraving.

Thermography can be used in all kinds of stationery where an upmarket effect is desired but it is most commonly requested for:

  • Invitations
  • Certificates
  • Letterheads
  • A professional stationery wardrobe

In Summary

Crane is proud to offer a full range of printing processes.

Over the years we have honed and perfected every tool and technique we need to craft the most stylish – and imaginative – personalized stationery at our customers’ request.

It’s all about taking that step away from the everyday.

Whether it’s a wedding invitation, social event, business fundraiser or a simple thank you note, leave your mark with expert printing craftsmanship from Crane.

  1. Interested in a quote on legal letterhead – 500, envelopes, and business cards, 250 or 500. Thermographic on high-grade paper – at least 25% cotton.

  2. Do you print bereavement cards? “The family of blank greatly appreciates your kind expression of ympathy”

  3. I’m glad I found your website. I was used to going to a shop in a mall in Northern Virginia; right outside of D.C. At the time, I only required personalized stationery. However, it’s more important now for what I order for my own personal, I would like to be able to use in the same design & style for business letterhead, envelopes, & business cards.

    My favorite is an ivory linen paper with thermography ink style in the color green. I also prefer to use a script font. Are you able to accommodate these requirements of mine? Please let me know at your earliest convenience. Thank you.


    Renee M. Morrissette Boyer

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