Bridal Shower invitation

Life’s simply too short not to make time for friends. Whether it’s a big event or just a simple catch-up, making space in your schedule for social occasions is always worthwhile. At busy times of the year, friendly events can also be the perfect antidote to stress.  

What’s more, inviting your close acquaintances to a social event needn’t be complex. Read on for advice on appropriate stationery and wording for some of the bubblier get-togethers you might be arranging.

Bridal Shower Invitations

Not every bride-to-be holds a bridal shower. If you like the idea, embrace the occasion as an excellent excuse for a get-together. Attended by family and friends, a bridal shower is a chance for well-wishers to give thoughtful presents to the bride as a token of their support for the marriage.

Invitations to bridal showers are usually fun and informal. As such are a perfect opportunity to get creative with your invitation design. A custom-printed personalized invitation is always a popular choice. Pre-printed fill-in invitations are also commonplace.

Usually one or more of the bride’s friends host the shower. Either the hostess or hostesses’ names should appear at the top of the invitations. When a shower has a theme it should be mentioned in either the lower left-or the lower right-hand corner.

And speaking of themes, referencing yours in your paper or ink coloring, invite design or even your choice of font is a smart, playful way to make your invitation stand out from the crowd. For example, green elements might be perfect for a gardening or golfing theme, while an engraved font would complement the sophistication of a shower focused on a literature theme. The sky really is the limit, so get creative and have some fun.


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