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They Said Yes! 

You’re engaged: Mazel Tov! Felicidades! Congratulations! Now, let’s celebrate your engagement. Though your wedding day will undoubtedly be the crowning event of much anticipation and planning, a day you and your future spouse will never forget, the events leading up to it can be just as exciting. Well, almost…

Telling Family & Friends

It’s time to let people know you’ll be tying the knot. Feeling jittery? Don’t panic – it’s simply a statement of your love for each other as a couple, and we’re here to walk you through it.

First, take a moment to tell your nearest and dearest. Traditionally, the bride-to-be’s parents should be the first to hear; but as long as you tell your loved ones at roughly the same time – and ask them not to blab to anyone else – it’s unlikely you’ll ruffle any feathers. It’s your Big Day, after all.

If your engagement is going to mean a lot to a particular person in your family, you might want to add a playful touch to the big reveal. A handwritten note or card can be an exciting way to break the news to someone you’re close to.

Then it’s time for the parents to celebrate. If both sets of in-laws haven’t met before – or even if they have – we recommend dinner and drinks. If this isn’t possible due to distance, a considerate letter or card of congratulations between them is just the ticket.

The Announcement

The public engagement announcement is traditionally made by the bride’s parents, and is often printed in a newspaper. This should happen as soon after the engagement as possible. There are no strict rules regarding the wording – just keep it elegant, heartfelt and straightforward.

For some people, social media has done away with the need for a more sophisticated form of announcement – helped along by newspapers’ falling reader numbers. A post on Facebook or elsewhere is a chance to express the happiness you and your partner feel and bask in the positive feedback from your online circle.

Despite the mainstream popularity of social media, it oftentimes doesn’t strike the right chord for couples seeking to blend tradition with relaxed informality. If this describes you, the perfect solution to bridge this gap is to send personalized engagement announcements to your future wedding guests.

Finally, if you’re worried that announcing your engagement will make people think you’re soliciting presents, don’t be. The announcement is simply a formal way of letting the world know about a hugely important milestone in your life — your engagement. Whether your loved ones choose to give you gifts is entirely up to them.

The Engagement Party

If your wedding is the Big Event (and it should be), consider your engagement party the fabulous Pep Rally.

Either set of parents, close friends or even friends of your parents traditionally host the party. Whoever hosts should include their names on the first line of the party invitations, explaining that the shindig is being held in honor of you and your fiancé. There’s no need to mention it’s an engagement — your guests will undoubtedly figure that out on their own.

As for the party itself, it’s your chance to get creative as a couple – unless you’d prefer to sit back and let your hosts call the shots for you. From a swanky black tie dinner to a laid back buffet, karaoke or a barbecue, anything goes as a prelude to your future wedding. Just don’t forget to add a personal flourish with bespoke menu cards and accessories.

Of course, you might prefer to tell everyone in person rather than letting them know by post first. If you choose to reveal your engagement this way, then the host of your engagement party must ensure that neither your nor your fiancé’s name appear on the invitation.

Keep the element of surprise intact by simply inviting everyone to a gathering to catch up with friends and family – though you could always include the words ‘special announcement’ to get tongues wagging!


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