Most people don’t consider what an elegant touch couple’s stationery can provide until they begin writing thank you notes for their wedding gifts.

Beautiful, personalized stationery can play a part in maintaining meaningful relationships with those who participated in your wedding experience and continue encouraging thoughtful communication beyond the wedding day.

The following ideas can inspire you to enhance your connections with unique and personalized stationery options.

Style Options for Couple’s Stationery

Modern couple’s stationery offers a world of beautiful, creative, and elegant options. The styles you select should reflect your taste as a couple, and there are many ways to ensure that the personalized stationery you create does just that.

For wedding thank you notes, it’s common to order sets of stationery with a photograph (or multiple photographs) from the wedding day. This adds a unique touch that’s personal to the couple and reminds the recipients of the beautiful event.

An elegant alternative it to choose traditional stationery, like 3.5 by 5-inch cards or folded notes, usually in white, cream, or ecru. Personalization options include adding the couple’s last name or monogram on the front.

The most popular design elements for personalization include:

  • Pictures: As mentioned above, photos offer the most intimate, personal design element for wedding thank you cards.
  • Monograms:Another top style selection for couples is monogrammed stationery. Once a couple is wed, you can create a shared monogram with their married name initials.
  • Names:Couples can also forgo the monogram and include their names on their stationery. You can use full names, prefixes, first names, or even nicknames – have fun with the personalization process!
  • Borders:Choose from classic or colored borders to frame your stationery with an outline.
  • Themes:Modern couple’s stationery should reflect your personality as a pair, so adding a motif or photo of the couple’s shared hobby or a joint interest makes it feel one-of-a-kind.
  • Typefaces:The font you select has a massive impact on the overall look of your stationery. Pick from classic lettering styles and script for an elegant style, or opt for a more modern look with your favorite bold or playful fonts.
  • Colors: When choosing your stationery’s ink colors, choose the hues that best represent your personal style. Rich tones and metallic inks lend a more traditional feel, while bright colors create a cheerful contemporary look.

When to Use Couple’s Stationery

Much of your couple’s stationery needs will be determined by your lifestyle and personal preferences, but it’s a good idea to have more than one option on hand to ensure that you’re ready for last-minute note-writing needs.

Common uses for couple’s stationery include:

  • Wedding Thank You Cards: This is the most common use for couple’s stationery, as it’s the first opportunity to communicate with loved ones as a married couple.
  • Post-Holiday Thank You Notes:Use your personalized thank you cards to express gratitude for gifts and thank party hosts each year.
  • Impromptu Thank You Cards: You never know when an opportunity to send a thank you note may come up. Whether it’s sending a card to the neighbor who checked your mail while you were out of town, the babysitter who came over on short notice, or a friend who hosted an amazing dinner party, you can build meaningful connections with this simple gesture.
  • Birthday Greetings:  Use your couple’s stationery to send a note to friends to celebrate their special day.
  • Other Milestones:You can also create stationery to celebrate major life events, such as a big family move.

However you choose to personalize and use couple’s stationery, it can be an important element in helping you maintain relationships and encouraging communication with loved ones as a couple.

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