We understand that you’ll probably have many questions bubble up as you prepare to design your save the dates and wedding invitations.

The good news is there are usually straightforward answers, even to questions that feel especially knotty. This guide addresses some of the most common questions couples ask about wedding invitation details so you can embrace the wedding-planning experience with confidence.


Who should get a save the date to my wedding?

Everyone you plan to invite to the wedding should receive a save the date card.


Does everyone get a “plus-one”?

Not necessarily – there is no rule that wedding guest invitations must include a plus-one. As a host, you can decide whether a plus-one will help your guests enjoy your celebration.

Tip: If there won’t be many single people at your wedding, for instance, or if the person you’re inviting won’t know many other guests, it’s thoughtful to include invitations for a guest plus one. But if your wedding will be an intimate celebration, you are not required to invite anyone you don’t want to celebrate with.

To invite an individual, include only their name when addressing the invitation. Use this example to include a plus-one when addressing an invitation: Mr. David Jones & Guest.


Is it okay to invite guests to just the ceremony?

Traditionally, if you invite guests to your ceremony, it can be viewed as rude not to invite them to the reception, too.


Is it okay to invite guests to just the reception?

Similarly, it is generally considered best practice to invite guests to the ceremony in addition to the reception.

However, if you desire an intimate ceremony and a larger reception, you may consider hosting another event as a ceremony-alternative, like an elegant brunch, for the guests who would’ve been on the reception-only list.

Ultimately, when it comes to the ceremony, reception, or any other wedding-related event, it’s up to you as a couple to decide who you’d like to include and how you’d like to include them. Feel free to get creative and think outside the box!


What information should I include on the save the date?

Save the date cards are intended to help your guests make their plans to attend, so it’s important that the wedding save the date cards provide key information guests need to make their arrangements.

Save the dates should include:

  • Your full name (and your fiancé’s)
  • Your wedding date (or dates, if it will be a wedding weekend)
  • The location — the town or city and state (or country) is enough detail for a save the date
  • A notice that a formal invitation will follow

Including a link to your wedding website is an added touch that can give your guests more information if they need it. From there, guests can get more details such as a link to your registry, so you don’t need to include registry information on the save the date itself.


Where can we put our wedding website information?

You may not need to post your wedding website’s URL on the wedding invitation itself, but you can certainly list your site on the details card that goes in the envelope with the invite.

Additional ways to spread the word about your wedding website include printing it on other pre-wedding event invitations, like engagement party and bridal shower invitations, and making sure your bridal party and family have that information to share with others.


Can we put our registry information on our invitations?

Traditionally, registry information is not included on your wedding invitations, themselves. If you would like to share your registry info, include it on the detail card portion of the invitation or on a separate insert within the invitation envelope as well as on your wedding website. You can also make sure your parents and wedding party know where to direct your guests if they ask.


How do we let our guests know the wedding dress code?

Share your wedding’s dress code on the wedding invitation itself. Traditional language for dress codes includes “black-tie” or “cocktail attire.”


How can we let our guests know that our wedding is adults only?

If you want to tell the guests that your wedding is adults-only, simply omit the names of children from your invitations. This should let people know exactly who is invited. You may also consider adding the fact that you’re having an adults-only wedding in the details portion of your invitation.

The answers to these commonly asked wedding invitation questions should help you navigate through the process of designing your wedding invitations. Read about how to word your wedding invitations for even more helpful tips.

  1. What is the correct way to word the wedding invitation when the father of the bride is Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (state of Louisiana) ? The previous daughter’s wedding wording was: Justice and Mrs. John Louis Weimer…. Would this be correct to leave it that way?

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