Baby Shower Invitations

Nobody puts baby in the corner… especially when it comes to a shower for a bump that’s soon to be your very own bouncing bundle of joy.

Baby showers are typically held shortly before your baby is born, both to celebrate and to make sure you have all you need to welcome your new arrival into the world when the time comes. In practical terms, this can make baby showers a little easier than bridal showers when it comes to gift giving – as any parent knows, there’s a wide range of essentials and nice-to-haves that can make parenthood easier in those crucial – and exhausting – early days and weeks.

The guidelines for baby shower invitations are similar to those for bridal showers – in both instances, they’re usually hosted by friends on behalf of the mom-to-be, and should include the name of the hostess or hostesses on the invite.

You can use the following template to help you write yours:

Janet Russell
cordially invites you
to a surprise baby shower in honor of
Margaret McQuinn
on Thursday, November 7th
at 7 o’clock
14 Briarwood Court
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

 As for your invitation design, there are all sorts of subtle details you can select to make a special impression. A classic option is to choose a powder blue or pink hue for your cards if you know the baby’s sex. If you don’t, the choice of a delicate coloring has much the same effect. Today it’s not uncommon for invitation colors, styles, and themes to coordinate with the décor or theme of the event, and can utilize a wider range of colors. While there is no conventional printing process for baby shower invitations, you might consider letterpress printing in a fun font to convey the joy and anticipation of the event.

If you and your hostess feel strongly about a particular invitation design, go for it! This is a celebration of your baby-to-be, and the old adage that mother knows best is as true now as it ever was. Though please don’t admit that to grandma – it might go to her head.

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