Alexa_PulitzerwebWe adore it when personalized stationery comes with a story. This engraved elephant correspondence card—illustrated by Alexa Pulitzer—was for a soon-to-be University of Alabama student. We never knew a university’s signature color and its mascot could come together to create such lovely stationery.


“I must say, it’s truly incredible to be moved by the beauty of engraving and fine papers,” long-time client Elizabeth told Alexa of her daughter’s new stationery. “I was speechless by the elegance and finery of Allison’s Royal Elephant. Your design represents her first impression as she embarks her next stage in life as a student at the University of Alabama. I am genuinely and sincerely in awe. A million thanks!”

We’ve always said personalized stationery makes the perfect graduation gift, and this custom design certainly takes the cake. Or, in this case, the crimson.

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  1. Do you sell this stationary? I have used you stationary in the past and the notes or letters have always given the impression of gracious elegants. Thank you very much for your thoughtful ideas.

    Warm Regards,

    Laura Robin Oickle

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