Once your wedding’s over, you get the opportunity to show your gratitude to all those special people who gave gifts, dedicated time and attention to your big day, and played a part in your celebration.

Start off your new life together by writing and mailing thoughtful thank you notes in a timely manner. This guide can help you find the right words to express your gratitude.

Who Receives a Thank You Card?

Newlyweds write wedding thank you cards to acknowledge the thought, time, and attention others have devoted to their wedding. That means you have the opportunity to write wedding thanks for people who:

  • Attend pre-wedding events, such as showers or engagement parties.
  • Attend the wedding ceremony and reception.
  • Give gifts or money, even if they couldn’t attend the events.


What Can I Write in a Wedding Thank You Card?

Wedding thank you notes can follow a fairly straightforward structure:

  • Start your note with a warm greeting.
  • Directly thank the person for what they gave and/or for attending.
  • End with a personal closing remark.

Within these parameters, however, you have the opportunity to make your message feel unique and heartfelt. You can do this by specifically mentioning the gift they gave and how it will play a role in your new journey as a married couple.


Examples of Thank You Notes by Situation

These samples will help guide you and inspire creative ways to show your appreciation with warmth and grace.

Thank You Notes for Gifts from Your Registry

There’s no need to mention the registry in your thank you note. Instead, you can thank people for the item they selected.

Dear Aunt Sarah,

Thank you for the toaster you sent for our wedding. We are looking forward to the many happy brunches to come!


[Annie and Alex]

Thank You Notes for Gifts Not on Your Registry

Usually, there’s no need to mention whether the gift was on your registry or not. If, however, an off-registry gift shows special thoughtfulness on the part of the sender, you can definitely acknowledge it in your note.

Dear Beverly,

We were blown away by the beautiful painting you sent for our wedding. We will think of you with love every time we see it above our fireplace.

Thank You and Warm Wishes,

[Jane and John]

Thank Yous for Cash Gifts

When thanking people for cash gifts or gift cards, you can acknowledge the opportunity the gift affords you and your new spouse.

Dear Uncle George,

Thank you for your wonderfully generous gift. We are looking forward to purchasing our first home, and we can’t wait to have you over for tea once we do.

All the Best,

[Elaine and Kasey]

Cards for Group Gifts

If it’s possible, try to acknowledge each individual who contributed to the wedding gift with his or her own thank you card.

Dear Joey,

Thank you for the BBQ set you and the whole team gave us for our wedding. Mary and I will think of you every time we prepare for a cookout!

Warm Wishes,

[Jeff and Jordan]

Thank You Notes for Gifts with Unusual Circumstances

What if someone else gave you the same gift, or you don’t like the gift you’ve received? Never suggest you disliked a gift because someone put love and thought behind it.

Dear Louis,

Thank you for the cutlery set! Rick and I love to spend time together in the kitchen, and we’ll think of you whenever we make a meal together.


[Helen and Taylor]

Thanking for Participation

Remember that you also have the ability to thank your guests for taking time out of their lives to be a part of your wedding day. If the individual was a member of your wedding party, you may want to call out the role they played and how they helped make your day special.

Dear Kelly,

Thank you so much for being a bridesmaid in our wedding party. It meant so much to have you standing by our side on the most special day. We will cherish the memories forever.

With Love,

[Brianna and Morgan]

Writing wedding thank you notes can be a pleasant, heartwarming experience when you reflect on all of the loved ones who made your big day so special. Use the above tips from Crane to write well-crafted, meaningful notes to thank the important people in your life for giving gifts and participating in your wedding celebration.

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