The ways to write a letter time capsule are endless–and much easier than you may think. 

The years go by, and the memories stack up. But remembering them can become a challenge. A picture, so simple to take nowadays, might be worth 1000 words, but does it really carry the same sentiment as when you put pen to paper? Call us biased, but we don’t think so. 


Journaling and letter-writing doesn’t need to be time-consuming. A few moments here and there are all it takes. But in just those few minutes, you construct a memory–a keepsake for yourself or someone you love when you write a letter. 


Recently, we were inspired by a woman who gifted her daughter a beautiful stack of letters for her 18th birthday. One for each year, the letters carried mementos from each year of her daughter’s life. The effect was two-fold, allowing the mother to relive her daughter’s life in the act of writing out her memories, and for her child to enjoy a personal keepsake and a lasting tribute to her life. Is there a greater act of love? In its simplicity, perhaps not. And it got us thinking… it’s so easy for us to do the same. 


Ready to get started?

It doesn’t take much to write a letter, and you almost certainly have pen and paper on hand. But if a stack of meaningful, handwritten letters are the type of gift you’re interested in giving, then it might be the perfect time to invest in some letter-writing stationery that’s ready for your most important sentiments. Here are a few to get you started. 

Red Florentine Note 

Perfectly sized for jotting down their first words or favorite catch phrase of the moment, the Red Florentine Note is simple and unadorned notes–perfect for their timeless style and versatility of messages they can hold. 


Bee Half Sheet

The bee is symbolic of community, celebration, and personal strengths. Showcase your loved ones’ here when you commemorate their special moments. These half sheets leave room for all the sentiments you care to share. What’s more, they are finished with the most beautiful envelopes that will stack up as beautifully as a beehive itself. 


Harper Note

Personalized stationery for letter writingReady to get really personal? The Harper Note allows room for modest customization that really goes the extra mile. It sets in stone not just your memories, but your recipient’s meaning to you, too. With your choice of either a name, or something as thoughtfully simplistic as “For my beautiful daughter,” you’ll set an endearing tone with lasting power. 

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