Shiny and lustrous, foil stamping can make a glittering impression for special projects. Whether it’s used alone or in conjunction with another printing process, foil stamping is all about adding that extra special sparkle to create an alluring combination of visuals and textures.

As a technique it relies on a combination of heat and pressure:

  1. First up, select your metal or colored material of choice! The most commonly associated color with foil stamping is gold, but other popular choices include rose gold, silver, black, and pearl white. Bold colors also make a stunning impression when foil stamped. Foil is also opaque, so it’s a great option for printing on colored papers.
  2. The foils are transferred through a heated stamping process onto paper.
  3. Metal dies heat up the foil and the pressure adheres the foil to the paper bringing your beautiful design ideas to life.

A little metallic sparkle can add a special touch to your invitations. Use it right and foil stamping will bring a unique subtle statement of individuality and creativity to your personalized invitations.

The sparkle makes foil stamping an obvious choice for festive occasions.

But used with care and incorporated into designs with subtlety, it’s an equally wonderful choice for wedding and event invitations and cards.

It can be found among the printing options for William Arthur and Vera Wang papers.

In Summary

Crane is proud to offer a full range of printing processes.

Over the years we have honed and perfected every tool and technique we need to craft the most stylish – and imaginative – personalized stationery at our customers’ request.

It’s all about taking that step away from the everyday.

Whether it’s a wedding invitation, social event, business fundraiser or a simple thank you note, leave your mark with expert printing craftsmanship from Crane.

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