For small firms that want to push home their professionalism to clients and business partners, personalized business stationery ticks all the right boxes.

With the start-up boom showing no sign of abating, small businesses find themselves in a crowded arena. The survivors are those who can demonstrate to clients that they have something different.

Consistent quality, dynamism and a commitment to doing good business are the values needed to succeed – the very same values personalized executive stationery can help you to convey.

The following items come highly recommended for small companies. After all, real trailblazers know it’s the little details that bring the big picture to life.

Business Cards

Consider your business cards as both the flag and fanfare that announce your venture.

Simply put, business cards give clients or potential clients a means of contacting you. They give a concise summary of all the information a client might need to get in touch. The choice of what you include is up to you, but as standard your cards will feature the company name, your name and title, and contact details such as an email address and phone number.

You might also want to add the company address, website, or other pertinent information. Social media handles can be included on your business cards in the same manner as a phone number or email address, but ensure that the information reflects the purpose of your card. Remember, it is a communication tool, not an advertisement, though informal cards can include a list of products or services.

While the standard size for a business card, 3 ½ inches x 2 inches, is still the most popular, many executives now opt for larger 3 3/8 inches x 2 ½ inches cards or fold-over cards with the company name printed on the front, giving more room for information.

Often, however, less is more. Business cards should be as free from clutter as possible to demonstrate your professionalism.

Most business cards are white or ecru and are printed in black or grey ink. However, a distinctive business card can be a potent weapon when it comes to the battle to stand out. Many cards are now being printed on grey or blue stock in various colors, such as red, green, blue and combinations of two colors to reflect a company’s identity.


Points of style: the quality and appearance of your business card says a lot about you; but so does the manner in which you distribute them. Always present your card with the print facing the recipient, so they can read it easily.


Correspondence Cards

Having cards on hand personalized with your company’s name or logo offers a great opportunity for anyone on your team to send a stylish and impactful follow up after meetings with clients, partners and new connections.

They’re ideal for quick, succinct messages to keep the goodwill and conversation flowing. By sending your message on a personalized business correspondence card, you’ll be keeping a cohesive look and feel to all your company’s communications and be sure to make a strong impression!

Monarch Sheets

Monarch sheets, or executive stationery, can be used as a business letterhead or for personal business letters. They are an excellent way of giving your company’s correspondence that priceless personal touch. For designers, consultants or executives within small businesses, they provide a direct and distinctive way of communicating with first-name-basis clients and partners on behalf of the firm.

At 7 ¼ inches x 10 ½ inches, monarch sheets are slightly smaller than the standard 8 ½ inch x 11 inch letter sheets, which again adds to the personal charm of receiving one. Your name is printed at the top of the sheet and the company name and address appear on the back flap of the envelope.

Since monarch sheets are smaller, you might want to include only essential information. Ultimately, they’re a wonderfully understated way to foster stronger relations with the people who really matter to your business.


Business Invitations

Business invitations can be created for any type of corporate function, from a grand opening to a reception honoring a retiree or top salesperson. Depending on the purpose of the event and the impression you want to create, they can be written formally or informally. Often, your company logo is placed at the top of the invitation.

Whatever the event, business invitations are a stylish and authoritative way to bring employees and stakeholders together. Combining the official company logo with an informal note to recipients can be a great tool to connect with colleagues and build up company morale and pride, while simultaneously expressing your brand’s tone of voice.

Business Announcements

Business announcements let clients know of an important change in your company’s status. Announcements may be sent for any number of reasons, such as a change of address, change of partners, the introduction of a new colleague or even a new product launch.

Business announcements are traditionally conservative, and as such are generally engraved in black ink on ecru or white card stock. However, as with business invitations, these communiques can be a powerful way to engage your clients with business developments and make them feel connected to your firm. Don’t be afraid to inject a flourish of creativity into your announcement – it’s one more way to project the unique personality of your business.

If you’re an independent businessperson, you might not need such a wide range of business stationery. For advice on what stationery you’ll need to make the right impression as a professional independent consultant, read our guide to stationery for the independent businessperson.

Or learn more about how to choose the right business stationery for a larger firm with our guide to the complete professional stationery wardrobe here.

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