Every bridal collection is symbolic of the bride + groom themselves. And in Vera Wang’s own words, her ideal client “is a woman who really knows who she is and who she wants to be.” This sentiment just so happens to also ring true for Meghan Carey, the designer behind the opulent Vera Wang bridal collections for Crane Stationery. Taking cues from Ms. Wang’s runway shows and ready-to-wear collections, Carey delivers timeless interpretations of the fashion designer’s statement-making wedding dresses. Think regal beauty, modern silhouettes, clean color palettes – and all with a nod to minimalism.  Wang’s impeccable taste certainly translates into equally breathtaking wedding stationery, and if for any reason you don’t believe us, see for yourself. Up ahead: Carey talks about the biggest inspiration behind her designs, and it’s oh-so good.


Bordeaux Blanc
The ever-luxe Bordeaux Blanc suite is a nod to Vera Wang’s forecasted color palettes – think deep Merlots with black overlay – and florals with matching rich hues. As Carey puts it, this is for the woman who’s going for “historic and grandiose.” This is a collection made for a June evening at, say, the Chicago Historic Museum. The bride carries voluptuous clusters of varying shades of Burgundy, Merlot, and Claret with whispers of muted berries, angular leaves or dusty greenery. Carey delivers this in wedding stationery form through a modern, sophisticated, and ultra-chic mood that leaves us as breathless as your guests on the day of.


Shades of Blue
Shades of Blue perfectly mimics the effervescence of the sky at dusk, and Carey has captured it beautifully with a delicate balance of marbleized details and bold fonts. This is for the bride that’s wearing something floral and utterly romantic. For location, Carey envisions the wedding on “stunning grounds in the Pacific Northwest,” with the bride carrying a bouquet of “soft white blossoms accented with icy blue forms.” She notes, specifically, “Peonies and Ranunculus dripping with Seeded Eucalyptus, accented with succulents and Blue Thistle.” In a word, gorgeous.


Sheer Elegance
For her Spring 2019 Collection, Ms. Wang said, “I wanted to explore translucency and movement in a new way.” There’s something about a sheer fabric, or, in this case, vellum, that leaves something to the imagination. Which makes the Silver Vellum Sleeve for Sheer Elegance the perfect choice for a wedding suite, because it does just that: invites the eye as much as it literally invites your guests. Carey loves this suite for its innovation, as its new to the wedding papers market, and making it entirely unique and altogether statement-making. The bride, thus, follows suit. She is, as Carey says, “sophisticated and ethereal,” and her wedding is in coastal Maine in winter. Her florals equally match the mood, with Carey assigning “dreamy, icy florals” like White Garden Roses and Anemone with Lamb’s Ear, Dusty Miller, and Silver Brunia. For visual inspiration click here.


Chantilly Lace Sleeve
Lace is, as it has always been, and will always be, luxe. And if your mood is opulence, then the Chantilly Lace Sleeve invitation was practically made for you. Carey presents us with a stunning interpretation of Vera Wang’s Spring 2019 Bridal Collections – a fresh, dreamy ball gown, for instance – and set the location as the Trinity River Audubon in Dallas, Texas. This invitation will immediately set the tone of your big day. (Hint: it’s as stylish as ever.) The florals, in case you were wondering, are “lush and overflowing” – Carey’s words. Think a brilliant mix of cascading Peonies and Garden Roses with some sweet, southern romance in the mix with shades of peach, blush, and coral.


Calacatta is a breathtaking interpretation of what Vera Wang will call “a new formality.” On the collection, Carey says: “I’m envisioning someplace opulent, decadent and romantic – truly regal.” She looked at Wang’s film, It was Paris from the Start and the Luxembourg Gardens for inspiration in creating the collection. For florals, Carey’s picture-perfect day matches the vibe of the invitations with creamy florals with soft, blushing accents. For visual inspiration click here.


Pearl Bands
suggests an inherent understanding and appreciation of architecture, which is why it’s no surprise that Carey looked to the refined sophistication of classic architecture for inspiration. She describes the dichotomy of intimate romance and structured detailing in the Fall 2018 Vera Wang collection as a credit to her bridal designs. Carey sees this bride in Ms. Wang’s Fall 2018 Francoise gown and carries “architectural shapes in minimalist bouquets – think Gardenias, Orchids, Stephanotis, or Cala Lillies.”

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