How to Write the Perfect Valentine's Day Love Letter - Crane Post Script

Love is in the air. And, hopefully, on paper. Dozens of the finest roses and boxes of the most decadent chocolate can’t top a beautifully crafted love letter. Here’s how to create an amorous ode that’ll capture your beloved’s heart forever.

How to Write the Perfect Valentine's Day Love Letter - Crane Post ScriptBe Sincere
It may seem obvious, but don’t write a love letter unless you’re, oh, in love. If you’re not in that point in your relationship yet, don’t force it — better to share your desire for a romantic trip to Paris when you actually want to take one.

You’re Not a Poet, and Know It
Keats, Wordsworth, Shakespeare. Poetry of the amorous variety should be left to the experts. Unless you’re intentionally attempting to be cheeky, there’s no need to struggle with finding a word that rhymes with “mon cheri.”

Keep It Sweet
A love letter shouldn’t read like a chapter in a romance novel. There is a time and a place for content rated for Mature Audiences, but Valentine’s Day is about love, not lust. That said, you’re not in junior high school. Hence, a love letter shouldn’t read like a chapter of a Young Adult novel, either.

Be Original
Many a lovely sonnet, movie quote, song lyric and novel has been written about love. But those are their words, not yours. If words from any of the former sources have special meaning to you and your special someone — first date, where you met, etc. — then by all means, incorporate them into your love letter in a subtle way. But if they’re just words you happened to have found while searching “love quotes” on the Internet, skip them and include something straight from the heart instead.

It’s all in the Details
If you’re writing a love letter, you’ve hopefully made many cherished memories together. A love letter should be a reminder as to why you love the recipient so. You don’t have to recount your entire first date, but rather the smaller moments — the way he eats his pasta by twirling it on his fork; the way she laughs with abandon during movies.

Make it a Looker
You’ve taken the time to craft the perfect love letter, don’t skimp on the paper and presentation. Make it a note they’ll want to tuck in a drawer and keep forever.

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