Craftsmanship & Design

Foil Stamping

Shiny and lustrous, foil stamping can make a glittering impression for special projects. Whether it’s used alone or in conjunction with another printing process, foil stamping is all about adding that extra special sparkle to create an alluring combination of visuals and textures.

Embossing – Make an Impression

Embossing uses no ink during printing but instead use pressure to impress a design or message into paper. It gives printed pieces added depth and visual appeal and make a unique and beautiful statement on their own or when combined with ink printing techniques as part of a combined design.

Thermography: Imitation is the Highest Form of Flattery

Sometimes referred to as “imitation engraving”, thermography produces an effect similar to engraving in that it can be felt on the surface of the paper. However, it uses heat to create the letters and design rather than an engraved plate, so it is less expensive than engraving and generally faster.