One of the best aspects of the holiday season is the opportunity to connect with the important people in our lives. Holiday cards provide a chance to renew relationships and spread joy to friends near and far – all while getting into the spirit of the season.

For a truly meaningful connection, each card should contain a unique message inside — one that reflects the nature of your relationship with your loved one.

If creating a series of these personal notes sounds intimidating, don’t be daunted. These sample Christmas and holiday card messages can inspire you to create the right wording to wrap your good wishes in a lovely holiday bow. So, turn up the holiday tunes, sip some hot cocoa, and have fun with this classic holiday tradition!

Holiday Card Messages for Friends

The holiday season is an ideal time to remind your friends of what you love most about your relationship. Incorporating something special to both of you, whether it’s a specific memory or an inside joke, can make a message especially moving.

Use these examples as inspiration:

  • Friends like you make Christmas — and life! — merry and bright.
  • Thinking warmly of you during the cold winter season.
  • Sending warm wishes for happy holidays and a healthy New Year from our family to yours.

Tip: If you’re writing to a married friend, be sure you’re including their partner. Consider adding a note that includes your friend’s significant other, like “Julie, tell Steve about the time we saw Santa at the mall in grade school!”


Holiday Card Messages for Your Spouse

Writing a Christmas card or holiday card for your spouse is a lot like writing a love letter — it should reveal your emotions and your appreciation for the life that you’ve built together.

Use these examples of card messages to write for your partner as inspiration:

  • I hope you know our life together is the most precious gift I could ask for.
  • I’m counting you as my life’s greatest blessing during this season of miracles.

Tip: Your note doesn’t have to be gushy and sentimental if that’s not how you typically talk. Feel free to crack a joke that’ll spark a warm glow in your significant other’s heart.


Holiday Wishes for Significant Others

Like writing to a spouse, think of the message you include in your card to boyfriend or girlfriend as the chance to send a mini-love note. However, you should match the tone of your greeting to the stage of your relationship; be thoughtful about making major declarations if you’re not ready.

Use these examples of messages you could write to your significant other as inspiration:

  • The best gift this year is spending time with you. I couldn’t ask for anything better.
  • Hoping the holidays this year are just the beginning of many blessed years together.


Holiday Cards for Your Parents

Highlight the love, the memories, and your gratitude for everything they’ve done for you in the note you include in your parents’ Christmas card or holiday card.

Examples of holiday messages for your parents include:

  • Merry Christmas, Mom and Dad! Hope I made it on the “Nice” list this year!
  • Thanks for teaching me the reason for the season. Happy Hanukkah, Mom and Dad.

Holiday Cards for Siblings

You probably share some of your earliest holiday memories with your brothers and sisters. Share your favorites and hatch plans to create new memories in the years to come with the message in your Christmas card.

Use these examples of holiday card messages for a sister or brother as inspiration:

  • Merry Christmas to the kid whose crazy ideas landed me on the naughty list every year!
  • Hope your kids have as much fun together this year as we did every year during the holidays!


Holiday Wishes for the Whole Family

When you have a large extended family, it can be difficult to see everyone during the holidays. Create a sense of family connection with even your farthest relatives with a meaningful message that highlights your family’s shared history and values.

Use these examples of Christmas card messages you could write for family members as inspiration:

  • We might not be together in person this Christmas, but we’re always together in my heart. Merry Christmas!
  • Prayers and love from our family to yours this holiday season.


Kid-Friendly Holiday Cards

Make little ones feel special by creating a unique holiday greeting written just for them. Write messages at an age-appropriate level for the child, and be extremely cautious with references to Santa (no spoilers).

Use these examples of holiday and Christmas card messages for children as inspiration:

  • We talked to one of Santa’s elves and we heard you’re on the “Nice” list this year. Keep up the good work and have a very merry Christmas.
  • When we count our blessings this season, we’ll be counting you as one of our family’s most precious gifts. Happy holidays!
  • Happy Hanukkah to our special nephew. We hope you enjoy eight magical nights of spinning the dreidel and lighting the menorah!


Holiday Card Messages for Grandparents

Give grandparents a holiday note with what they want to hear most — news of, or notes from, their grandchildren.

Use these examples of holiday messages for grandparents as inspiration:

  • Stacy says to wish you a “Merry Christmas!”
  • Happy holidays to the best Grandparents in the whole wide world.

Tip: For cards little ones who are too young to write, quote a message or include a drawing from them to warm their grandparents’ hearts.


Holiday Card Messages for Grandchildren

Real mail, written especially for them by some of their favorite people in the world, can help feed your grandchild’s excitement for the holiday season.

Use these examples of messages for grandchildren as inspiration:

  • Nana and PopPop are sending you extra-special blessings for a happy holiday season. We love you!
  • We can’t wait to see you at your school’s holiday play. Merry Christmas!

Tip: Check with the parents of children to find out if there are any holiday traditions your grandchildren are especially excited about this year and mention them if you can.


Holiday Cards for Managers, Coworkers, and Employees

Holiday card messages for the people you work with are professional correspondence, and you should treat them that way. Notes should be warm and personal, but not overly familiar.

Use these examples of messages for colleagues as inspiration:

  • Wishing you joy and light this holiday season!
  • Hope you enjoy time with those you love during the holidays.

Tip: If you’re not sure about the personal life of a colleague, be cautious about making references to family, religion, or children.


Warm Wishes for Teachers

Holiday cards are one of the school year’s prime opportunities to thank your child’s teachers for all they do.

Use these examples of cards you could write to a teacher as inspiration:

  • Have a very Merry Christmas! Steve couldn’t have written his letter to Santa without all you’ve taught him.
  • Wishing you the happiest of holiday seasons and sending our extra special thanks for all you do for Michael.

Tip: Teacher greetings are also professional correspondence, so be sure to be neutral if you don’t know which holidays your teacher celebrates.


Addressing the Group

When you’re sending a message to more than a few people, it’s hard to be especially personal. To make your card feel special, add a note that’s as specific as possible.

Use these examples of holiday card messages you could write to a group as inspiration:

  • Happy holidays to the county’s top softball team! Looking forward to beating you in the New Year.
  • Warm holiday wishes, and many thanks, to the staff at Greenview Senior Center.

Remember: Group messages should reflect the range of people who will receive it. Unless you know specifically the entire group’s religious affiliations (for instance, if you’re writing to a church group), use language that’s as inclusive as possible.


Fun Messages for Your Card!

Find more inspiration for Christmas card and holiday messages in pop culture references, such as:

  • Holiday music: Quote favorite song titles or lyrics, like “Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas.”
  • Favorite holiday characters: Messages from Rudolph, Santa, or even the Grinch can add lighthearted fun.
  • Puns: Use a play on words, like “I love you a latke! Happy Hanukkah!”


How to Sign Your Holiday Cards

A Christmas card isn’t complete without a handwritten signature. Close your card’s message with words that match the tone of the rest of your card. Some examples include:

  • Merry Christmas,
  • Warmest Wishes,
  • All the Best,
  • Happy Holidays,

Writing these notes can be a meaningful part of your holiday celebrations. So, above all, have fun as you write them. Set the scene to make writing a festive holiday experience — play holiday music, enjoy a few Christmas cookies, perhaps even invite a friend to write cards while you’re writing yours. Find a beautiful selection of holiday cards and holiday stationery at Crane.

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