Crane’s 100% Cotton Papers

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Noticeably soft to the touch, cotton papers look brighter and crisper than wood-pulp papers and printed colors appear richer on their surface. Because cotton fibers are strong and soft, they fully absorb and accept impressions made during the printing process, ensuring that your stationery makes a lasting impression.

The simple elegance and exquisite execution potential of cotton papers has long made them the paper of choice for those seeking the highest quality personalized stationery, engraved wedding invitations, and all correspondence needs. Cotton fibers are also extremely durable and hold up well to repeated handling, so are also ideal for business applications such as business cards, letterhead, financial reports and marketing materials.

Crane & Co cotton papers — Lettra, Kid Finish, and Imagine Finish — offer an earth-friendly paper of unsurpassed quality. Made with cotton fibers recovered from the apparel trade and the fine fibers left after ginning cotton seed, Crane papers are truly tree-free. The inherently white cotton fibers require fewer chemicals for processing and produce less waste than other raw materials used for papermaking.

William Arthur Papers

William Arthur’s papers are manufactured according to exacting standards using only the finest hard and soft wood fibers, carefully blended to provide the soft feel, creamy texture and substantial weight associated with fine stationery and invitations. They are acid free, endowing them with archival like properties. William Arthur also sources special imported papers from around the globe.

The exceptionally smooth finish achieved with predominantly wood fiber papers is considered by fine writing instrument experts to be the ideal surface on which to write. Calligraphers agree: many write to tell us how much they love working on William Arthur papers. ​​​​


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