Love is patient, love is kind, love is…comedic and, in most romantic comedies, satisfyingly predictable. We took some of our most beloved classics and paired them with stationery fit for each leading lady.

Steel Magnolias

While this atypical romance story connects a group of Louisiana women it all starts with a wedding straight out of our 80s dreams. Shelby sets the tone with her color palette of “blush and bashful.” And don’t be mistaken, one shade of pink is “much deeper than the other.

Pairs With: Blush Zinnia Embossed Note


My Best Friend’s Wedding

Shouldn’t every meal end in a musical number? Though it takes on a casual vibe in the film we know Kimmy’s father would’ve welcomed a more formal rehearsal dinner invitation honoring his daughter and soon to be son-in-law. Just say a little prayer that everyone RSVPs on time.

Pairs With: Formal Rehearsal Dinner Invitation


How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Nothing says romance quite like gifting a delicate love fern or crafting a photoshopped portrait of your future children. We think Andie could’ve taken it one step further by creating personalized Mr. and Mrs. stationery for their correspondence as a couple.

Pairs With: Hand Engraved Pearl White Card


You’ve Got Mail

New York City acts as the backdrop for many romantic comedies and You’ve Got Mail might be one of our favorites that plays up this city as a third character. Kathleen Kelly’s quirky anecdote about a butterfly in the subway that “got on at 42nd and off at 59th” reminds us that these little moments of joy are everywhere. So take some time to stop and smell the roses—or as Kathleen would suggest the daisies because they truly are the friendliest flower.

Pairs With: Engraved Butterfly Note

Pairs With: Vera Wang Saffron Daisy Note


Two Weeks Notice

No two envelopes are alike. This is proven by Lucy’s iconic taste test of the famously not-so-tasty adhesives. We can’t promise our envelopes taste any better (we recommend using a slightly damp sponge instead), but they’ll surely make a great first impression.

Pairs With: Thermograph Printed Fluorescent White Kent Envelopes


Father of the Bride

What started as a humble hometown wedding ballooned into a larger production than Annie or her father, George, were ever prepared for. Our suggestion for her invitation suite would’ve been something simple and elegant with understated details. We think Franck would approve.

Pairs With: Hand Engraved Ecru Wedding Invitation with Beaded Frame

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