Lithography, also known as flat printing, is a printing technique well suited for large print runs, like some of our boxed stationery products.

The printing technique has an intriguing and varied history, but perhaps some of the most recognizable lithography prints are from Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and his color lithography posters and prints that became iconic in Paris and later around the world.

Lithography is created as follows:

  1. Lithography is created by treating a plate with grease in the areas where no design is required.
  2. The plate is then applied to the paper.
  3. The greased areas will repel the ink and the ungreased areas will leave the mark of the desired image.

Lithography certainly has its place and is often used when printing in high quantities. It can be found on a range of boxed stationery options, and its uncomplicated nature makes it a generally more affordable option.

In Summary

Crane is proud to offer a full range of printing processes.

Over the years we have honed and perfected every tool and technique we need to craft the most stylish – and imaginative – personalized stationery at our customers’ request.

It’s all about taking that step away from the everyday.

Whether it’s a wedding invitation, social event, business fundraiser or a simple thank you note, leave your mark with expert printing craftsmanship from Crane.

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