Digital printing is what you’re doing in your office day in, day out, using a computer to print images directly from the computer onto the paper. But at a professional printing press, the printers take this technique to another level.

It’s a form of flat printing, which as the term implies, does not involve either raised or recessed designs but rather sees the images and lettering transferred directly onto the surface of the paper.

It’s a modern technique that has vastly expanded the color gamut and, when coupled with the best quality papers, delivers some incredible results.

The practicalities of the digital printing process are clear:

  1. Unlike traditional printing, digital printing sprays the ink directly onto the paper rather than imprinting it.
  2. The process starts with the computer design. Once this has been carefully laid out, it can be sent to the printer.
  3. The printer takes the design and, with a full understanding of the entire range of colors included, is able to create a remarkably accurate physical reproduction of the image.

As a result of the direct printing process, digital images tend to have a flat, one-dimensional appearance, which means they’re not ideal for every scenario.

However, for the right piece of stationery or design, the rich colors provided by a high-end printing system behind digital printing more than make up for the difference.

Digital printing is a fast, affordable method of printing ideal for full-color, short run projects, or for reproducing color and black-and-white photographs on cards, announcements and invitations.

No other printing method can match the crisp look and true color match that digital printing provides. However, the quality of the final product depends largely on the quality of the digital printer and paper used.

Crane’s high-end printers and premium papers render truly spectacular results.

In Summary

Crane is proud to offer a full range of printing processes.

Over the years we have honed and perfected every tool and technique we need to craft the most stylish – and imaginative – personalized stationery at our customers’ request.

It’s all about taking that step away from the everyday.

Whether it’s a wedding invitation, social event, business fundraiser or a simple thank you note, leave your mark with expert printing craftsmanship from Crane.

  1. can the Goldfinch cards be personalized (name & address). I don’t see an option for that.

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