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Weddings, like everything that’s truly worthwhile in life, require a lot of hard work and preparation. You have to set the date, organize the venue, find your dress and suit, and of course, the most daunting part – write the guest list. Getting engaged might just be the easiest part of the whole process.

In the midst of all this drama it’s easy to forget about the details of a wedding that will really give it that final flourish. But these tiny details are what really showcase your personality as a couple and remembering them is what makes a truly stylish wedding.

For almost three decades Vera Wang has been a trend-setter in the world of weddings and fashion, perfectly bridging the divide between traditional and contemporary with tangible elegance. Modern romance has come to define the Vera Wang brand and is exemplified in Vera Wang Papers, – the perfect stylish finish to your perfect day.

Contemporary & traditional – balancing contrast

Defining a balance between the traditional and the contemporary can seem like a daunting, perhaps even contradictory task. The trick is to acknowledge the contrast between the two and use it to your advantage – Vera Wang is famous for her elegant combination of contrasts, often playing opposing forces off against each .

One all-important day

Your wedding day might be “just one day”, but it’s a day that marks the start of your life together as a married couple. Just as Vera Wang has become much more than “just a fashion designer”, so your own choices for your wedding day will add up to be greater than the sum of their parts.

You are not just planning a ceremony – but a statement of yourselves and your partnership. Your day unites the contrasting and complementary elements of you and your partner’s personalities so delicately, that each and every decision you make is imbibed with meaning.

With this in mind, the most stylish of weddings are inevitably those that are the most thoughtful.

Saving the date

Save the date cards should be sent with plenty of time and consideration for your friends and family and stylistically they can set the tone and aesthetic for the whole event. Need some guidance? Here’s how the Vera Wang save the date cards look:

The all-important invite

A truly stylish wedding continues with the invitation you post to your honored guests. The invitation is an expression of sentiment, of the importance of friendship, and of wanting to share the day with your nearest and dearest.

If contemporary elegance is your goal, take a look at this beautiful set of Vera Wang wedding invitations for inspiration.

Thoughtful and successful invitations should also make it clear exactly who is invited, taking care to explain where plus ones and children are (or are not) welcome.

Ceremony & reception

On the day itself, consider your choice and use of stationery to ensure everyone knows where they need to be and when. Table settings and place names show consideration to your guests and keep everything running smoothly – two essential components of any stylish wedding.

But you can have form and function here. For a perfectly finished look, match the aesthetic of your place names to that of your save the dates and wedding invitations.

With heartfelt thanks

And when it’s all over (can you believe it?), a thank you note from a gracious bride shows appreciation to your nearest and dearest for the pleasure of their attendance.

It’s the final token of love from your wedding and a memory of a most wonderful day. In choosing your thank you stationery, take care to consider matching your notes to the same aesthetic your guests received all those months ago with your first save the dates to round off the whole event in style.

For many people, a thank you note becomes a keepsake for years to come. Vera Wang’s beautiful thank you notes convey all the gratitude and romance that your day embodied, giving your guests something to really treasure.

Love in every moment

Above all else, your wedding will be a romantic occasion. No matter your personal style, the very essence of what you are celebrating is love itself.

The traditional way of saying this might be the classic romantic color palate of white, gold, and pinks, with plenty of loops and frills. Maybe that works for you. But romance is unique to the two people involved.

Vera Wang’s designs embody this unique approach to love. Her statement is one of strength and femininity, an unequivocally stylish reflection of an inimitable romance.

Make your own statement with the perfect combination of Vera Wang’s modern elegance and Crane’s fine paper craft, honed over 200 years to deliver perfection.

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