We Believe In…

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silver bordered stationery cards
We Believe In…
No 1. The Importance of Beginnings

With every sheet of paper we produce, with every invitation we engrave, and with every box of thank-you cards we deliver, we see possibility. We know that each new beginning is an opportunity to signal thoughtful purpose and provide the foundation for great things to come.

Source: Crane & Co. stationery is hand-bordered by skilled craftsmen and women.
Hand Engraved Ecruwhite Notes with Butterfly
We Believe In…
No 2. Communication & Expression

What we do is to make beautiful things so that other people can share a moment of themselves with both loved ones and the world. To allow others to express themselves is our job and we're proud of it.

Source: Hand Engraved Ecruwhite Notes with Butterfly
We Believe In…

We Believe In…
No 4. A Few Seconds of Beauty and Kindness in Every Day

Everyone could use a little color in a long day. That may mean the joy of receiving a letter in the mail from a distant friend, or just a smile from someone whose day has been brightened by a hand-written message from a surprising source. It can mean a few moments at your own desk, dashing off a note to a friend or colleague. This is our business and it will never go out of style.

We Believe In…
No 5. Details Matter

How you show up preempts what you have to say. Do not leave it to chance. Dress nicely, speak with clarity and dignity, listen with an open mind... And keep stationery nearby.

The principles that guide our work are as important as the products we make, and they have not changed since 1801.

We Believe In…



  1. Among my grand mother’s things that have been in my possession for many years is a sheet of paper filled with embroidery patterns on paper made by your company . It has a no. 16 on it. The patterns were made by the M.J. Cumming co. Can you tell me more about the paper. I see that you make all of the paper for our paper money. What a story you have to tell.
    Ann Shagley Sharp

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