It’s Memorial Day weekend and summer is finally (un)officially here!  Invitations from friends to various cozy retreats are beginning to arrive. Thus, we are reminded of the loveliness of house stationery as a host/hostess summer gift idea. Such a thoughtful, offering says you spent some time on this gift, and the personal meaning is sure to make a lasting impression.

Commonly placed in a country or beach home, house stationery may be used by any resident of the house or by any guest during their stay. It typically features the name of the house or the address but can also be designed to fit the mood of the location. A graphic of a lake, a palm tree, mountains, or a symbol of the home’s name are all nice ways to convey the feeling and spirit of the place.


House stationery, of course, is different from family stationery. Family stationery features the family surname and/or the given names of all the family members, and thus is not appropriate for guests.


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