Summer is officially here which means school is out, days stretch longer and Friday slowly becomes an extension of the weekend. It’s a great reason to pack up the car and hit the road if only for a change of scenery for a few days. It’s also the perfect time to drop in on those friends who keep inviting you to join them at their lake house outside of the city. No more excuses. That oh-so-important meeting can wait until Monday.

While your presence may be all they’ve ever wanted, bringing along a host or hostess gift is always appreciated and house stationery might just be your new go-to.


House stationery can be found in lake, mountain, or beach homes and it may be used by any resident of the house or by any guest during their stay. It’s typically personalized with the name or address of the house, but can also be designed to fit the mood of the location or the personalities of its residents. If you’re short on time a set of boxed cards featuring a graphic of a sun, palm tree, or dragonfly are all nice ways to convey the feeling of a warm weather retreat.


They can use these cards to send along a quick hello to their summertime neighbors or, after pressing the reset button with your weekend away, you can use them to post a note of gratitude to your friends for hosting you. If luck would have it, they’ll invite you back next weekend.


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