With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we thought it was appropriate to reflect on the meaning of gratitude, and, specifically, how we demonstrate our appreciation. Expressing thanks is as simple as it gets, but do we say it enough to those that mean the most?

There are people in our lives that make things run smoothly and efficiently. But with them so engrained in our day-to-day, their efforts tend to get lost in the fray. Teachers, for instance, who work around the clock, are pillars to their family and communities, and who often work outside of the home, too, have likely been deprived of a proper “thank you.” Today, make it a point to let them know they’re seen and they matter.

As the big chill begins to set in, get ready to start warming hearts. We’ve called out a few important people who may get overlooked this time of year. Be it a note written in crayon on construction paper by your child, an unexpected hug, or a note jotted on the mirror, make sure they know you appreciate them and all they do – no matter what form it takes.

They don’t just give knowledge, they also teach our children to be functioning citizens of the world at large. Upgrade the traditional apple and suggest you child expresses his or her thanks with a special crafts project or a simple note.

Babysitters + Pet Sitters
They stand in when we’re unable to be there, giving our babies and fur babies alike the love and attention they need. Enclose their next paycheck within a “thank you” card that expresses your sincerest appreciation.

Neighborhood Post Office Staff
They deal with the mail all day, but when was the last time anything was personally addressed to them? This season, deliver an unexpected message.

Your Local Haunt
They know you by name, and they know that you like your red wine slightly chilled and your filet mignon somewhere between well done and medium. Give them your biggest “thank you” this holiday season – even if it’s on the cocktail napkin that came with your drink.

Work Family
You’re with them more than your family, so it’s only natural that you offer thanks to those that make a 40-hour week worth working. IT will appreciate the switch-up – give them something analog on their desk, and not their inbox.

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  1. Thank you for reminding us all to say:
    Thank You!
    It’s so easy for everyone to get caught up in our Busy lives.
    Thank You to everyone at Crane for being you.

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