post interview thank you note
  1. My guidance, after years of being in business and also teaching business writing, is NEVER to send a thank you note on thank you stationery. Just use standard 8.5×11 paper and standard business envelope. Nothing cute!

    1. I agree that printed ‘thank you’ stationary is better suited for a social engagement than business correspondence. However, a handwritten note of thanks on simple, heavy card stock is perfectly appropriate and generally much appreciated whether it’s monogrammed/engraved/embossed with the sender’s name/initials or not. And for reference, I’ve been a bank executive with hiring responsibilities for junior to senior staff for over 10 years.

  2. Good, concise information on how to make a good impression post-interview (coming from a recruiter who still believes in the art of the written Thank You note!!) And you can’t go wrong on Crane stationery!

  3. So well said.
    As. A very fond Person of Crane Beautiful Offerings, I only use Personalized Notes to Thank with.

    They have been so helpful in my success professionally.

    Thanks for continuing to help me be expressive beautifully.

  4. Thank you for providing very distinguished cards. I have been helping people who are out of work for over 15 years through my parish, Holy Trinity and the CTM (Career Transition) Ministry, in Lenexa Kansas. I suggest Cranes but have never suggested using the Gold foil envelopes or Gold pre printed thank-you on the front of the card, since this strikes me as more of a wedding/anniversary type of thank you and not corporate. Most of the people who come through CTM are in mid level management and above, however, we help all who come through our doors. Our parish is a dynamic parish that extends a helping hand not just within the parish boundaries but also with our outreach ministries of which CTM is part of this group.

    I go to your Boxed Folded Notes and Flat Cards section and look for sets that have distinguished borders on the card or folded note card and business envelope with a unique liner without the word Thank you pre-printed on the front. I use these and have had much success in being remembered and have secured the new career position. I suggest to our attendees of CTM to have at least 2 – 3 kinds of boxed sets from which to pull a card for each encounter with the interviewer and the type of follow up. I also provide tips on thank you wording to increase the probability that a follow up with the prospective employer is increased as much as possible so the attendee can secure the career position they are seeking.

    Cranes has always had unique cards and it is important to be unique, even in the Thank You area of the interaction between the interviewer and the prospective employee, to set you apart from everyone else in a professional way.

    CTM is hosting a Networking Conference again this year in March and as one of the giveaways, a boxed set of Folded Note Cards is under consideration.

    Thank you for your time and consideration of my input on Thank You cards for business. Wishing Cranes much success in 2018!

    Warmest Regards Always,

    Judy Ambler
    CTM Program Director

  5. That’s a very cool idea, I don’t think many people would send a handwritten note after their interview. Definitely a good way to make a positive impression.

  6. Information needed, especially today, 2021!

    MBA (UGA) students are introduced to real world lessons of etiquette. Lessons enlightening all to understand and care about one another.
    Bravo! Crane.
    With respect, KLAB, Athens, Georgia

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