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It’s perhaps something of a cliché to hear that your wedding day is the most important day of your life, but we all know at the core of this well-known saying there lays more than a small grain of truth.

Your wedding is the cornerstone from which your marriage grows, and with almost 30 years’ experience dressing brides, there’s no better style with which to commemorate your big day than that of Vera Wang.

About Vera Wang

A trendsetting designer, Vera Wang’s iconic styles have made waves through the world of fashion and design since the early 90s. Vera was born and raised in America, but spent some time studying at the Sorbonne in that most fashionable of cities: Paris.

In her professional life, Vera worked as an editor for Vogue for 17 years where she honed her appreciation of the design world and brought her contemporary take on fashion to hundreds of thousands of women. She spent a further two years employed with Ralph Lauren, before embarking on her independent career as a bridal wear designer in 1989.

Since then, the Vera Wang fashion brand has shot to international fame. The group designs the very best of everything from premier fashion to glasses and homeware – but one thing comes to everyone’s mind when you mention the name Vera Wang: iconic wedding dresses.

Get to Know the World of Vera Wang - Crane Post Script

Your wedding

Today, the Vera Wang Bridal Collection still lies at the heart of it all, but the brand has also developed countless new ways to entwine your wedding with elegance. The world of Vera Wang surrounds the most stylish brides and their guests with china collections, glassware, fragrance, jewelry and, to underpin everything before, during and after your big day, Vera Wang stationery.

Each individual item is designed with care and a deep sense of appreciation for the stylish, creative women who choose to make Vera Wang part of their wedding day.

Get to Know the World of Vera Wang - Crane Post ScriptVera Wang Papers

Vera Wang Papers, produced by the revered Crane Stationery, epitomizes the exquisite and contemporary beauty of the Vera Wang name in a range of invitations, thank you notes, table and place cards and more, and embodies Crane’s extraordinary standards of excellence and craftsmanship in fine printing.

After the drama of organizing the venue, the rings and the dress, it can be tempting to think that something as simple as stationery would be quick and easy. But remember – a save the date will be the first part of the wedding your guests will see; an invitation will confirm to them just how much you want them to be with you on your big day; their names at the table will remind them they’re valued and welcome, and the thank you note you send later may well be a memento for years to come.

With Vera Wang stationery, you can start your wedding as you mean to go on: with style and finesse. You deserve to stand at the bottom of the aisle on your special day and feel nothing short of perfection. Trust Vera Wang’s impeccable design credentials and Crane’s production perfection to get you there with all the elegance and romance you imagined.

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