Save The Date - Gearing Up Your Guests - Crane Post Script

Now that you’ve set the date for your Big Day, it’s time to let your wedding guests know.

After all, what would a wedding be like without family and friends? Whoever said, ‘less stressful’ in answer to that question, please leave the room!

Save the date cards or notes are just the ticket to get the word out quickly before the official wedding invitations are sent. They’re a little less formal and essentially give a heads-up to your guests to let them know they’re invited and when the wedding is taking place, so they can pencil it into their diaries well in advance. 

Sending Quick Tips 

So, when should you send? For best results, mail your save the dates at least six months before the wedding. As for what information to include, let people know (you’ve guessed it) the date and location of the wedding venue, if already booked. If not, your chosen city or area will still be helpful to guests who need to start thinking about travel.

And who should send them? To be honest, it’s up to you. Traditionally, the bride’s parents organize the wedding, but modern etiquette is much more relaxed. If, as a couple, you want everything to come from you, then that’s the right way to do it. If you’d prefer your save the dates to come from one or another set of parents (or even both), that’s equally acceptable.

Some quick notes to whoever is sending out the save the dates: Don’t forget to mention who is getting married! You’d be surprised how many people get carried away with their creativity and miss out the all-important names.

Also be sure to include the vital line: “Formal Invitation to Follow” to prevent your save the dates from being mistaken as the actual invitation! Lastly, always provide a return address on your mailing envelope or postcard to ensure your save the dates get into the hands of your intended guests.

Details, Details, Details

Got your list? Know what you’re writing? Great! It’s time to choose your stationery. Traditionally, save the date invitations are small, heavy ecru or white cards mailed in an envelope – but don’t let that stop you from getting creative.

Creating personalized save the date cards is a wonderful way to express your style as a couple and stand out from the other nuptials this wedding season. Save the dates don’t necessarily need to match your wedding invitations, though the option is there. Don’t wait for the wedding invites to set the tone – the time is now.

Make sure anyone and everyone you expect to be at your wedding receives a save the date – including your closest family and friends. Neglecting to send a save the date card to someone you would love to have at your wedding is a recipe for hurt feelings, so double check your list. It’s very important to give your out-of-town guests enough notice so they can plan their travel and stay, especially if they live overseas.

Some people are tempted to do away with save the date cards, thinking that there’s little point when a wedding invitation proper will follow shortly after. But they can make a huge difference for guests who are making the extra effort to travel to your wedding – some might even take the opportunity to plan a vacation around your big day.

By giving your guests the courtesy of an advanced notice with a save the date card, you will increase your chances of having all your special chosen family and friends with you on your wedding day – a feeling that’s well worth the extra effort and organization.


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