In an era when we are (whether we like it or not) updated on the lives of our friends and family minute by minute, the idea of writing a letter might seem unnecessary.

How to Write the Perfect Holiday Letter - Crane Post ScriptLiving in a stream-happy society is fun. It’s exciting. It helps us miss our loved ones who live far away a little less. But there are still occasions when sending a text message or posting on someone’s wall just isn’t enough. The holidays is one of those occasions, and the holiday letter is one of those traditions that helps us remember the power of the written (or at least typed) word.

We’ve put together five tips on how to craft the perfect holiday letter. Happy writing!

Make a timeline

Travel back in time and outline all the major events of the year. Be sure to ask your spouse and children for their input as well — you might not remember a soccer goal, but your daughter who scored it certainly will.

Keep it conversational

It’s a holiday letter, not a chapter in a history textbook. Let your personality shine through. Picture yourself telling your stories to your friends and family — after all, they’re the ones who are going to read it.

Keep it balanced

It’s important to share your accomplishments and fun vacations, but it’s also important to share obstacles and challenges. No one needs to know you’re in marriage counseling, but losing a job or severe illness is as much of a significant event as a new job or a new baby.

Include everyone

Life may revolve around the kids, but loved ones want to hear about you, too. You may not have climbed Mount Everest, but you may have finished your first marathon. It’s important to celebrate everyone’s accomplishments, both big and small.

Keep it brief

You can share that you’re writing a novel, but your holiday letter doesn’t have to be the length of one. Keep it to around 600 words — you don’t need to include every basketball game, just that one great shot.

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  1. Discovered your etiquette section of your site today. Then advice on holiday letter writing. Fabulous! We need more of this in the world.

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